6 Great Reasons To be Your Wedding Photographer

It has been a whirlwind of wedding fairs over the last couple of weeks. Thanks so much to all the couples who have booked us and taken advantage of that wonderful January discount. We really cant wait to be part of your day.

I love that so many of you have commented on our new window pane of images. I am really delighted as I also think it is fab. It is custom made and yes it will also be available as a product from the great folks of Rose Gowan Photography Towers. 

1. Have FUN

Who says weddings have to be stuffy? At Rose Gowan Photography, we specialise in helping you have the best fun on your day. The pictures ZING when you are enjoying yourself. Relax and let the specialist cork wedding photographer capture all the FUN times on the day

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2. Two Photographers

Yep - Count them TWO. Two photographers to make sure things go super smooth and you get all of the action. Rose can meet the girls in the morning and Dara can meet the guys. Get the whole story of the day with the two of us watching out for all those inpromptu bits.  

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3. Fantastic Photographs

Thanks to so many couples for their great feedback over the last couple of years but the common theme in all of them is how much they love the pictures. So have fun AND get these great pictures. 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

4. The Sagely Wisdom

We can help with the planning - where to go? And what time? Even what other suppliers?

We are here to help. 

5. The Boring Bits - the insurance, the backups.

We are fully insured. Did you know to go to an OPW site (like Charlesfort or Doneraile) you have to have a photographer with full public liability insurance? Well that is us too so no problems there.

Also, when you guys are partying the night away - we are at home getting your photos backed up and up on a secure location in the cloud.

Cameras & Equipment - yep, we have the best bits - multiple cameras, flashes. If something goes wrong, you wont even notice. We reach into the bags and take out the backups.

6. Our Customers. 

Check out what they say -

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